Making A Difference

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi


Often, I do not have time to do everything I would like to do. Giving back to those in need is one of the things I want to do more of. I can blame not dedicating more time to it on my packed schedule, lack of financial ability, or a myriad of other reasons but here is my truth: I do not often get make the difference I wish to see in the world. 

Growing up, I was extremely active in community service and helping those who are less fortunate. In high school, I became involved with a local volunteer organization in Northern California called the Assistance League of Diablo Valley, and I loved it. So much so that by my senior year I took an active role, and served as president of the association. Later, while attending college at UC Davis, the social affiliations and clubs I was a member of enabled me to maintain my participation in volunteering and community involvement. I found this to be rewarding and fulfilling. While in college, I had the pleasure of becoming friends with a woman named Quinn. Since graduating college, Quinn has done amazing things to really make a difference in our world. Through action, she is embodying the word change. It is absolutely inspiring. Enter: Life Out of the Box

Life Out of the Box is a business based in Central America that Quinn and her partner Jonathon have helped to create in order give back to children in need. The concept is simple: they make handmade bracelets, sell them, and for every bracelet sold a very special child receives a notebook, pencil or other useful supply in order to improve their life and pursue their dreams. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this? I certainly couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

For my LOOTB purchase, I chose the “trust” bracelet. Less than a week later, I received my purchase in the mail complete with an adorable handwritten thank you note from Quinn and Jonathon. They explained that I would be getting a follow-up email with information on the child who’s life I had helped with my contribution. Only days later, I received the email. Enter: LOOTB #1861, the child I impacted. 

Yeni is a little girl who attends preschool in a small town called Santiago, located in Guatemala. Yeni is four years old, her favorite animals are chickens, and her favorite color is blue. I bet if I got to meet her that we would be best friends forever, because my favorite color is also blue! To see pictures of Yeni, and read more about her story, please click here.

Photo copy

As I wear this beautiful bracelet, I think about Yeni and about the thousands of children who still need help. This is an easy way to give back and make a difference, now. 

If you would like your own LOOTB bracelet, or to learn more about the company, please visit You can also follow them on twitter @lifeoutofthebox or like them on Facebook.

How do you like to give back?

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