Travel Bug

I want to travel. I want to see the world. I want to learn more about other cultures, and learn more about myself. I want to be humbled. I want to be educated. I want to experience new places and new people. I want to see everything that there is to see, and I want to be young enough and just poor enough to have to save every single extra penny I earn to do it. And lastly, I want to do it now.

My best friend is amazing. One of the most amazing things about her is that she is fearless, especially when it comes to traveling. She has the moxy to get up and visit the places she wants to, when most people are still day dreaming about doing it. Italy, Switzerland, Paris, Ireland and London are already on her list of places traveled, and she intends to add many more. She also has an awesome blog where she writes about her faith, her life, letting go, and choosing joy. You can view her blog, Letting Go,Ā  here.

Obviously, we had to join forces.

We are taking an adventure. A wonderful, life-changing, soul-enriching journey to someplace we have never been. The details are still being worked out, but the decision has been made. We are going for it, and I couldn’t be more excited. A trip across the globe, and another item I look forward to checking off of my bucket list. It’s a remarkable feeling, and I can’t think of a better person to share in this experience with than my best friend.

So, for now, it’s planning, penny pinching, and goal setting.

If you have any recommendations on places to visit, travel tips, or money saving ideas, I would love to hear them!





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Dreamer. Adventurer. Proponent of well-being. Full of grit and faith.

4 thoughts on “Travel Bug

  1. I did the whole Europe circuit like your friend :Italy, France, Switzerland, England, Germany, the Vatican

    Life changing

    Do it and do it now

    Roll your clothes in your suitcase. You will fit more that way šŸ™‚


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