When You Need a Moment

Life is busy. As twenty-somethings, we are part of a generation that is constantly connected; to our smart phones, to social media, and to each other. We thrive on communication and are constantly on the go. We are the generation that hustles.

What does busy look like? For me, it’s working full time for a biotech company, serving at a restaurant on Friday and Saturday nights, and holding a seasonal position with the San Diego Chargers. I just began taking a leadership class with 4-6 hours of coursework per week and am also making an effort to dedicate more time to my writing, with a goal of increasing my posting to twice weekly. Sprinkle in social time on top of all this, because quality time with friends brings me back to my happy place, and I’m left wondering when on earth my laundry and chores are going to get done. I worry about making time for everyone that I want to see, the things that I want to do, the exercise I’ve been slacking on, and then I worry about how little time I have in the day to get all of this done.

Sometimes, I need a moment.

What is surprising, and more than a little inspiring, is that I am not alone in this. Many of the twenty-somethings I know are also juggling multiple jobs and have shared in feeling depleted and over-exerted. I know a multitude of women who are also pushing themselves to the limit on a daily basis- working, leading, and creating. I acknowledge that this is our own doing and that we have made a choice to become involved in so many different capacities, regardless of what is motivating us to do so. But just because we are choosing to do it doesn’t make it easy.

Sometimes, I need a moment.

I need a moment to pause, a moment to remember why I am doing all of the things that I am doing, and to remind myself that everything will someday pay off. I need a moment to remind myself of what drives me, what empowers me, and what inspires me. I need a moment to remember what I am working towards, to give thanks, and to find my center. I need a moment to remember how all of the things that I am doing contribute in their own way to my core happiness, and to remember that I have never felt this fulfilled before.

So, here’s to all the twenty-somethings who are out there working their buns off in the name of personal progress; to all of my fellow women working relentlessly to achieve their dreams no matter how challenging each day is. To those with too long a work week, too few hours of rest, and not enough recognition. To all the women who carry the world on their shoulders, and never lose the smile on their face as they do. I see you. I relate to you. I understand you. What you are doing- it’s hard. Really hard. You inspire me to work harder, to be better, and to keep going when I want to give up.

Sometimes, I need a moment. Just one. 



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