Week 4 of Self-Care September, That’s a Wrap!

It is officially the last day of September, and thus the end of Self-Care September! Wow, this month has flown by in a heartbeat! There really needs to be more days in the week…my vote is that we insert one in-between Saturday and Sunday, and we shall call it Saunday. Done.

Sorry for the ridiculousness, my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

Self-Care September has been a wonderful experience. I feel like have I accomplished the goals I set of focusing on myself, my wellness, and re-discovering my personal zen. Self-Care September really motivated me to be intentional about making time in my schedule for exercise, more conscious of how I spend my free time, and also reminded me to be kinder to myself.

Sometimes, we just need a reminder to slow down and take it easy. Or, when we find it impossible to slow down, we need a reminder to take a moment and allow ourselves room to be imperfect.

On the yoga front this week, I returned to my favorite Saturday morning spot at Trilogy Sanctuary, where the rooftop setting and ocean breeze always bring me to my happy place. I seriously cannot get enough of this venue- simply walking through the door makes me feel centered and serene.


This class ended up being one of my absolute favorites that I have taken at the sanctuary so far. It was Vinyasa-style and led by Josiah, an instructor who’s technique is inspired by athleticism. He focuses on alignment and conscious adjustment to promote physical and spiritual awareness. The session ended up being an awesome combination of core strength training and breath-to-movement, focusing on flexibility and intentional positioning of your body through the poses.

After the class, everything felt lighter, tighter, and more focused.This class had a Zen Factor of 10/10, because I felt it accomplished everything a great yoga class should. I was completely connected throughout the entire session- mentally, physically, and spiritually. Mind, body, and spirit were one and it all just clicked. It was a breakthrough feeling.

In Week 4 of Self-Care September, the good definitely outweighed the bad. My biggest problem was, simply, not having enough time in the day. Shocker.  However, these problems aren’t even really problems. Self-Care September has taught me to focus on what is important, and allowed me to be okay with letting go of what isn’t.

These past 30 days have been all about intentionality, choosing what is healthy to focus on, and putting myself first.

This Week’s Triumphs…

  • 1 awesome yoga class. Come join me at Trilogy Sanctuary on Saturday mornings so you can experience the awesomeness too!
  • My blog turned 1! September 25th marked one whole year of blogging, and I couldn’t be happier at all the progress I have made on it.
  • Oil Change/Brake Replacement.Cause proper car maintenance is important, ya’ll!
  • Friend time. I took full advantage of the few hours of free time I have had lately, and let me tell you, some quality social interaction can be much more replenishing than any old nap. I’m so grateful for my friends and family, because they remind me of what’s important when I feel like I am about to lose it. 🙂

This Week’s Tribulations…

  • No days off. I am smack-dab in the middle of a 20 day work marathon. Lord, give me strength.
  • Inspiring Leadership Class. What’s that? Sorry Coursera, the class content hasn’t been interesting or stimulating enough to hold my dedication. I just don’t have the time.

What did 30 days of self-care teach me? That living with intention is crucial in all areas of life. That whether it is in regards to your exercise regimen, your career, or your relationships, you have to make time for what is important. That the areas you choose to focus on are the ones that will thrive. That yoga really is beneficial, in so many ways. That your dedication will pay off. That some progress, even in the tiniest increments, is better than none at all. And finally, it taught me that…


What do you do in order to challenge, to change, and to treat yourself? 




*Top image is also via Pinterest

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