Playing Tourist

Hi Everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend, and that you are gearing up for a fun and spooky Halloween! I still have ZERO idea what I will be doing for it. I am tentatively scheduled to work at my restaurant job, boo! However, I may end up having the evening off, so I need to work on having a last minute costume ready in case I do. I hate not being able to prepare better! C’est la vie…

This past weekend I got to play tourist and spend some quality time with my family, and I just had to share about it with you all because it was so much fun. How did I play tourist? We went on a behind-the-scenes tour at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park! I originally had wanted to do the Tigers & Friends tour, because tigers are my favorite animal in the whole wide world, but there weren’t enough seats available. We chose to do Lions & Friends instead, and let me tell you, we were not disappointed!

If you live in San Diego, and have the opportunity to take a behind-the-scenes safari tour, DO IT.

These safari tours are a little on the pricey side, but lucky for me my awesome roommate works at the Safari Park, and she got us a super sweet discount on tickets. Thanks roomie!

Even though tickets are on the expensive side, it goes to a good cause. The Safari Park and San Diego Zoo are part of San Diego Zoo Global, an organization committed to saving species worldwide through conservation science. They focus on fighting extinction, and also are making great strides in broadening the public’s knowledge base on wildlife conservancy. They seek to inspire change through education. They want to save the animals, each and every one, and I’m on board.

The experience was incredible. Our tour guide, Frank, was knowledgeable and hilarious. I learned so much about the animals, the park, and what San Diego Zoo Global is doing to conserve wildlife! I definitely walked away from the tour feeling educated and inspired!

And without further ado, here are some fabulous snapshots from our safari!

Sugar GliderThis little girl was the first meet-and-greet of our tour. She is a Sugar Glider, and was soft as velvet to the touch!

SomanB&WMeet Soman, my favorite of the day to interact with! This gentle giant is  a Greater One Horned Rhino who loves lettuce, celery, and sharing his food with the deer “locals” that find their way into his enclosure!

FeedingSomanSoman and I bonding. Our connection is obvious.

Lions1These guys took their time showing up…we were afraid they wouldn’t come out for us! The lioness and her four cubs have free reign over an enclosure with multiple rooms to roam. We were so lucky they finally came to say hi!

Lions3Not pictured: Me literally squealing with excitement like a 16-year-old. Not the least bit ashamed about that.

Lions2I could have stood and watched them all day! Sadly there are rules against that.

San Diego is such a great place to play tourist in! I hope you all enjoyed the look at my behind-the-scenes safari experience! Are you interested in learning more or in going on your own behind-the-scenes tour? You can purchase tickets here!

What are you going to dress up as for Halloween? Have you ever taken a tour at the Zoo or Safari Park? I would love to hear your creative costume ideas, all about your plans, and about your experiences!



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