Twenties Quote

This is one of my absolute favorite quotes. I have turned to it when I need something; when life is messy, complicated, and I am not sure of my path or of my decisions. It brings me reassurance, restores my faith, and reminds me to believe that everything is happening just as it should.

Your twenties are your selfish years. They are your time to figure it all out. These are some of the best, yet most trying, years of your life. You are in progress. Be patient. Be kind to yourself. Believe it, that everything is happening just as it should, fully and without fear.

Even if it’s a mess. Even if it’s nothing like you pictured. Even if it’s coming together or falling apart, it’s perfect. It’s unique. It’s yours.

Own it. Accept it. Embrace it. Cherish it. One day, you will realize how special it all really is.



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