Just Start


You want to know something powerful? You are the single person responsible for your future, and you are also the only person holding you back.

You’ve probably heard that before, in some shape or form. I just wanted to reiterate it, because it has become one of my integral core values.

I have learned, from my many mistakes, that it is really easy to come up with excuses for why we think we can’t do something. We are scared. It is hard. The odds are stacked against us. It seems impossible. We want to take the first step, but we cant figure out how. We are paralyzed, frozen into place by fear.

The truth is…nothing is impossible. Really. Everything is figureoutable. We just have to start. Somewhere. Anywhere. Absolutely anything can be achieved or conquered. All it takes is dedication, determination, focus and a lot of hard work.

Would you tell a friend that they cannot do something, when you know that they are completely capable? Absolutely not. You would encourage them, build them up, give them the support they need to go and chase their dreams.

We all need help. We all need a confidence boost. Sometimes, we need a swift kick in the bum to finally get us started.

It all begins with a single step. We don’t have to know exactly how we will get there. We don’t have to have it all figured out. We don’t have to have a perfect little plan to present like a school report.

All we need is to be discontent enough with where we currently are in order to overcome the fear of what it will take for us to achieve more. We have to be desperate enough to go out into the world, make the necessary effort, and make the changes we need to. We must accept that we will be uncomfortable. We must accept that it will be challenging. We must accept that it will take everything within us, every single ounce of strength we have.

I don’t believe in excuses. I don’t believe in playing the victim. I don’t believe in letting other people tell me how my story should go. I think we all are capable of changing the world in our own little way, starting with our own lives. I think everything we have ever wanted is at our fingertips- we just have to try. We have to try hard.

I hope that this holiday season you remember to be grateful for everything you have been given, for everything you haven’t been given, and for everything you have yet to discover.

I hope that if you have been letting the ifs and whos hold you back, that you take back control. I hope you become the biggest proponent for your own well being. I hope that you recognize the incredible amount of power you have, and that you choose to do something with it. I hope you someday realize that the possibility of tomorrow is one of the greatest gifts there is. I hope that you just start.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?



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Dreamer. Adventurer. Proponent of well-being. Full of grit and faith.

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