Anything Can Happen


Where were you at this time last year? How different is your life today than it was twelve months ago?

At this time last year, I was working as a server and trying to figure out what direction I wanted my life to take. I hadn’t even begun looking for a job within my field, but I knew one thing for certain- I was unhappy with where I was and I was ready for a change. I was also willing to do anything to make it happen. I had no idea that, one short month later, I would be catapulted directly into my future.

A lot can happen in a year. If you think about it, it rarely requires a whole year for immense change to take place. The speed with which change is brought about is directly related to the focus, determination, and effort you invest into making it happen.

You only need one break, one person to believe in you, one tiny chance, and everything will change. It will change unexpectedly and with bewildering speed. It will happen when you least expect it.

You can’t dictate the timing of change, but you can certainly work for it. The most successful people you know weren’t sitting idly on the couch binge watching Netflix when their big break came along. They put in the hours, made the effort, and took the necessary steps.

Don’t get jealous of others’ success, there is plenty of it to go around. Your time will come. Practice patience, stay in a state of gratitude, and have faith that everything is unfolding with perfect timing.

The universe is on your side, I promise.

A lot can happen in a year. In fact, anything can.



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Dreamer. Adventurer. Proponent of well-being. Full of grit and faith.

4 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen

  1. Timing is everything. Some people may believe in luck. My view of luck is an equal combination of hard work meeting opportunity. We may not see the bigger plan now but having faith in our journey helps us to over come our fears and gives us the push we need to take those first couple steps towards making our dreams a reality. I know this is true because I am living it. Each day is a new opportunity to make a change for the better and to create something new. Feeling blessed and humble. Thank you for the article love!


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