The Perfect Days

Have you ever had a perfect day?

I am talking about the kind of day where things aren’t really perfect, not by a long shot, but for today and maybe only today you are content with things exactly as they are. There isn’t any rhyme or reason- nothing particularly great has happened and you still face the same challenges you have any other day- but today you feel wholly and absolutely free.

And that’s as close to perfect as you had ever hoped to get.

You tear yourself away from your desk to take your little lunch break that is never quite long enough but just long enough to save your sanity on a day that is busy but for once not overwhelming at your job that is challenging but exactly what you have always dreamed of doing. You eat your salad with the sunshine on your face and you think to yourself…life is good today.

Later you are busily plugging away at work, admittedly sometimes staring off while daydreaming when you should be working, and ruminating on just why life is so good. You realize that that relationship you never thought you would be over, those memories that you feared would always haunt you, you’ve let them go. You’ve said goodbye to the bitterness and the pain and any twinge of heartache, fully and completely, and it’s absolutely glorious. There’s no longer any hurt weighing you down. You are proud of yourself and even want to give yourself a little pat on the back because this is a huge very big deal but you don’t because you are sitting at your desk in front of your computer in the middle of your shared office and everyone would wonder what the heck you’re doing.

You can’t let the whole office in on your crazy.

You realize you feel absolutely and completely free. You wish you could feel this way every day; so confident, full of hope, and bursting with promise. You know that’s impossible so you try your best to patiently soak up every beautiful moment- this moment.

You aren’t where you want to be yet but you’re happy with how far you’ve come. You appreciate that the big problems in your life aren’t so big anymore and you feel like maybe just maybe you are starting to the get the hang of this thing called life.

Dear Universe, please don’t take that as a challenge, okay? I’m just trying to have a tiny perfect moment here.

You do what you say you’ll do and you follow through and you eat healthy (mostly) and work out (fairly regularly) and make good decisions (most of the time); like putting yourself first and surrounding yourself with amazing friends and choosing healthy relationships and fighting for yourself and not poisoning your body or spirit with alcohol not even one drop and you don’t run away. You are strong and brave and fear is something to be dealt with but not a crippling force.

You don’t have it all figured out but you’re closer than you’ve ever been and you look forward to what tomorrow will bring.

Today, on a perfect day, you are free. Free from your past and your frustrations and your expectations and any negativity. In this moment, you wouldn’t change a thing.

Life is good today.

How do you feel on your perfect days?



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