Career Girl How-To: Survive and Thrive In Challenging Work Situations

Despite our best efforts and good intentions, it isn’t always rainbows and butterflies at work.


We have to deal with difficult bosses, difficult subordinates, and difficult peers on a constant basis. Often we want to be able to provide all of the help that is requested of us, but our plate becomes too full. Sometimes we may want to lose our temper and tell everyone what’s really on our mind, but we know that’s not an option for the sophisticated career woman.

So, when you are ready to lose it, what can you do to navigate challenges at work? Having survived some recent major work challenges myself, I can attest that the following tips will not only help you to survive, they will help you to positively thrive in the long run.

1. Kill them with kindness. Delivery is everything. It may be easy to let our frustrations come out in our tone, but it is important to stay cheerful and positive. People want to help people who are kind and patient, not angry and rushed.

2. Confide in a mentor. Someone has experienced the same challenges you are at some point in their career- guaranteed. Approach someone you trust at work, perhaps a mentor, and share how you are feeling. This is a great way to get some wise perspective and valuable advice.

3. Share it. If you find that you have bitten off more than you can chew, do not be afraid to ask for help. You are not admitting failure when you reach out for assistance, you actually prevent it by getting the work done on time rather than missing a deadline by being overextended.

you can read the remaining 3 tips over at Ms. Career Girl today!


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