Until You’re Proud

Don'tStopWhatever you are doing, whatever you are chasing, whatever you are working on or improving- don’t stop until you’re proud.

Don’t stop until you can say I did this. Don’t quit unit you can shout to the world I did this amazing thing, all on my own. Pour everything into it, whatever it is; your time, your dedication, your effort, and one hundred and ten percent of your focus.

Don’t stop until you can say that the thing you have been working on so hard and for so long, it’s here. 

Because that day, that amazing and glorious day that you can finally say I did it, it will come. Without a doubt. It won’t come easy, and it won’t come cheap, but it will show up if you are doing everything within your power to just keep going.

Keep going until the miracle happens. Just keep going and it will come.

Don’t do it for anybody but you; for your hopes and your dreams and your goals. Be brave and committed and tireless in your efforts. Be humble and full of faith and full of hope.

Embrace everything. Learn. Stumble. Grow. Believe it will happen.

Make it your mission to never give up. Make it your strategy to keep on going despite all the fear and the frustration and the failures and the obstacles that stand in your way.

Believe you can keep going, even when it seems impossible. Believe in your ability to overcome. Believe that there is significance and meaning in every single thing that you are doing and that it is contributing to your end goal.

Instead of why me, think why not me? Who is better suited to overcome what lays ahead than the person you know best- yourself? You know your strengths and you know your weaknesses and you know what you are capable of. You know you have been able to survive and to thrive even after your darkest days. Whatever this latest hurdle is in your path- you’ve got this.

Fight for what you want and don’t stop fighting until you can step back and really and truly say I‘m proud of this thing I have created. This thing is a part of me, an extension of me, a piece of me that I admire and love and respect and am proud to call my own.

There’s no feeling in the world quite like accomplishing a goal you’d set for yourself without being sure that you would be able to reach it. And it’s all because you didn’t stop and you didn’t settle and you didn’t compromise and you didn’t doubt and you didn’t believe in quitting. It’s all because you embraced the power of possibility.

You do it, this incredible thing, and you take a moment to rejoice in the sheer magnanimity of it all. And you think to yourself, what’s next?

Dedicated to all of my any-somethings making their dreams come true, one day at a time. 



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Dreamer. Adventurer. Proponent of well-being. Full of grit and faith.

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