Hi! I’m Sarah. By day you can find me recruitin’ rock star executives within the pharma/biotech/med device industries- combining my love for science with my passion for connecting people. I really love what I do.

I live in San Diego, CA, and couldn’t ask for a more beautiful place to call home. I write about my truths; elaborating on my journey, love life, career, sobriety, and anything and everything in between.

I started blogging in 2013 and what began as something very little and private has transformed into an open resource with what feels like a living and breathing purpose. This blog is my home. It’s where I chronicle my experiences. It’s a place for me to share openly and candidly about my passions, heartaches, adventures, joys, and lessons learned.

I love: reading ten books at once and finishing 1% of them, staying active through CrossFit, getting inspired, self-improvement, good conversation, getting more than eight hours of sleep, caffeine in any form, travel, scuba diving, and my fur-child Charlie.

I am currently working on: learning, growing, carrying myself with grace, kicking professional butt, writing my first book, and becoming my truest, most authentic self. It’s a constant evolution, practice of self-compassion, and endeavor to remember it’s about progress not perfection.

I thrive on honesty and on love.

I hope that my writing entertains you, brightens your day, and in its best moments-inspires you.